Minimum Viable Product

Need a way to make sure that your project will actually succeed? A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be a huge help. Find out the most significant benefits of this solution and why Moonbite is the right choice.

What’s an MVP?

The ‘MVP’ acronym means ‘Minimum Viable Product’ in the context of software development. It’s a version of the program containing only the most important features, used mainly to test its usability and potential in real market conditions. Developing the MVP before the implementation of the final project is a great way to accurately gauge customer response. The insights gained from this stage can allow you to adjust the strategy instantly at the very beginning, when the costs of any changes will be the smallest.

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The vision

The starting point when preparing both the MVP and the complete project is defining the expectations of the client and end users of the application being developed. It’s worth looking at this matter from the perspective of answering two critical questions: what problems are we aiming to solve and what value we want to provide to the final customers. Can’t decide on which technologies will be the optimal choice for a given project? No worries – contact us to arrange a free consultation.



Before proceeding to develop the MVP, we carefully analyze all the relevant issues and matters to provide you the best possible version of the product right from the start. With us, you can be sure that all the important features will be available and working properly. Your target audience can get to know your application from its best side from the very beginning.


Feedback and further development

Although the MVP is very different from the final product, the features present at this stage should provide access to the basic, most essential functionality of the project. It’s extremely important to receive feedback from both the client and the system’s users. Information based on real use cases has enormous value in further development, and thanks to presenting the MVP, you can gain immensely useful data at a low cost.

Why choose Moonbite?

Looking for professionals to deliver a functional and attractive MVP solution? At Moonbite, we strive to provide our clients the highest standard of software development. See what our biggest strengths are and why you should choose us.

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Committed team

Our greatest strength is our team, which consists only of true enthusiasts. Skilled programmers, UI specialists, graphic designers and marketing professionals work together to deliver the best solutions for our clients. We approach each project with 100% commitment, so you can be sure that the MVP will meet your requirements.

benefit 2

We support various technologies

Software developed by Moonbite is based on secure, tested and widely supported technologies. Programmers working at our company know many frameworks and languages inside out, which allows us to implement projects of any kind.

benefit 3

Many years of experience

We’ve been present on the market since 2010, and during this time we’ve gathered a great amount of valuable experience. Moreover, we’re constantly adapting to the constant changes in the world of technology. From the very beginning, our focus is on the end user’s satisfaction, which goes hand in hand with the benefits for our customers.

benefit 4

Individually tailored design

Each of our projects is developed according to customer needs. We start with a thorough analysis of the requirements, which allows us to pick tools perfectly suited for a given job. With Moonbite you can be sure of getting professional service at the highest level.

benefit 5

Free consultation

Need support with defining your vision of the project, choosing the right technology, or deciding which features will be the most important? Our experts can provide you with guidance on all those issues. We are always happy to advise and share our knowledge to make sure the project will fit your needs.

benefit 6

Build any project with Moonbite

Our projects include very diverse solutions – dedicated systems, websites, e-commerce software or mobile applications. Our team’s versatility and the individual approach to each client allows us to complete any project in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

A lot of customers have already decided to trust us with their projects. In many cases, the partnership started from creating the MVP. On our website, you can find the links to software that we’ve developed in the past, so you can see the real-life performance of our solutions.

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