Laravel PHP framework

Looking for a powerful, scalable, performant and robust web application? The Laravel PHP framework can prove to be a great choice in terms of technologies and solutions used to build the app. It’s one of the most widely used frameworks in the vast world of PHP, and with good reason – see what benefits Laravel has to offer.

What is Laravel?

Laravel was released just over a decade ago and quickly garnered huge popularity in the web application space. It’s a well-maintained framework written in PHP, using the tried-and-true MVC pattern allowing developers to easily separate parts of the codebase, which leads to easier maintenance. Its key features include simple database connectivity, relative ease in writing readable code, as well as numerous performance improvements. All those aspects make working on Laravel applications very comfortable and efficient from the programmers’ perspective. This in turn means that projects can be delivered as fast as possible, and new features can be added hassle-free, so that the consumer’s needs are always met.

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Why should you choose Laravel?

The Laravel framework can be used in a lot of applications tailored to the needs of different market sectors. Building an MVP for your startup, implementing e-commerce solutions, creating complex responsive apps – the opportunities are endless. Projects based on this framework work well in many diverse scenarios due to the universal benefits gained by using Laravel.

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Fast development

At Moonbite we know the Laravel framework inside out. As a result, we are able to deliver a complete product in a very short amount of time. A huge advantage of this solution is the access to many built-in features related to authentication and many other areas of functionality needed to run a web app. Additionally, Laravel allows the use of ready-made templates, which definitely makes development and maintenance easier.

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Security first

Regardless of what industry or market we’re creating a project for, the protection of vulnerable data is our priority. In Laravel, passwords stored in the database are encrypted with the most sophisticated cryptographic algorithms. Areas of the application requiring restricted access are easily separated from the rest of the projects, allowing fine-grained control over the app’s security.

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High performance

Laravel also offers built-in support for caching – saving copies of various parts of the application in easily-accessed memory. It’s a huge boost to page load time, which will undoubtedly impact your customers positively. Combined with memory usage optimization and efficient database indexing, you can count on excellent performance.

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The framework can easily keep up with the growth of your business, providing support for both small companies and huge corporations with massive reach. Laravel excels at taking care of increased website traffic thanks to its exceptionally efficient request handling. It can be also easily integrated with other useful services, and the applications themselves can be widely customized.

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