Even though ‘vanilla’ PHP is gradually losing its popularity in favor of various frameworks, it’s still worth keeping its massive influence on the modern Web in mind. A huge number of websites rely on PHP to provide interactive features. Find out why this language remains a great choice for many projects.

PHP – a proven solution powering a considerable part of the Internet

The first version of PHP was developed in the mid-90s, which in terms of Internet growth can now be considered ancient history. It allowed webmasters to greatly extend the functionality of their pages, proving to be a real revolution playing a major part in evolving the Web into the massive, interactive and very useful global network that we know today. At first, it was a simple, basic language used to write short scripts for websites. New features appeared very soon, and the development of PHP made it possible to create quite complex web applications. Nowadays, online services enjoy more popularity than their desktop counterparts, partly due to their ease of use and access from many platforms. Because of the easy integration of PHP with HTML code, as well as support from almost all servers, the language continues to stand the test of time and will probably keep powering the Web for a long time.

Another part of PHP’s success are its many frameworks. Their main advantage is making the app development easier thanks to the built-in functions and tools for programmers. It’s estimated that currently as many as 80% of all the world’s websites use PHP in one way or another – both in the form of frameworks and plain PHP.

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Go for a PHP project

Why is PHP such a popular choice for web apps? The language allows for easy integration with various databases, the ability to use it along with other technologies, as well as developing projects serving diverse purposes. All of this means that PHP can just turn out to be the perfect solution for your business. There are many advantages to be gained when using PHP and frameworks based on this language.

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PHP, similarly to most of the frameworks, is a free, open-source project. This means that you don’t have to cover licensing costs. Thanks to its long-term presence, PHP has gathered a huge community of developers constantly working on perfecting the language’s efficiency and providing new features. All the future updates to PHP will be completely free as well.

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When creating web apps, security should be the most important issue. Due to their nature of being constantly present on the Internet, online projects are exposed to malware and cybercrime attacks at all times. A failure to provide sufficient protection can lead to data breaches and massively affect the reputation of your business. The creators of PHP are well aware of the security needs of web applications, so you can count on constant care in patching vulnerabilities.

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Effortless development

PHP has an incredibly rich history and managed to earn the respect of many programmers. New frameworks come and go, but some things remain the same – such as PHP being responsible for a large part of the functionality of the Web. Our team members can use their extensive knowledge and many years of experience to develop the project quickly, effectively and without major problems.

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PHP scripts can be executed in a very short time, and the language itself received many performance improvements over the years. Some frameworks can put additional load on the server’s resources – in certain cases, it’s plain old PHP that works best.

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