Vue.js framework

Developing web apps is not just about providing an efficient backend. An attractive user interface is as important, and for many users it might be a key part of the experience. JavaScript frameworks reign supreme in this field, one of the most popular being the feature-rich and developer-friendly Vue.js.

Vue.js – a framework loved by programmers

The JavaScript ecosystem is known for its constant emergence of new frameworks. Few have been able to garner popularity for as long as Vue.js did. What’s behind the success of this technology? A major part is not only providing great user experience when it comes to finished applications, but also a pleasant development process for programmers. On StackOverflow surveys, Vue.js regularly appears among the most-used frameworks. Developers appreciate Vue.js for its simplicity and ease of creating attractive, interactive solutions. In effect, you can expect a quick delivery of a complete, well-written project, as well as easy and effortless maintenance.

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Why is Vue.js worth using?

Vue.js appeared on the market relatively recently – the first version appeared only in 2014. Despite that, it has quickly gained recognition among developers from all over the globe. In contrast to some of the other major projects in the world of JavaScript, it’s a completely independent solution developed by a community of true enthusiasts. Vue.js focuses primarily on the visual aspects of websites, but the framework’s flexibility makes it suitable for creating complex Single Page Applications as well.

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Flexibility and scalability

A small, interactive part of a bigger project, even one written in another language, or a sophisticated application built using only Vue.js? The framework can show its strengths in both scenarios, as well as in any projects falling somewhere between those two options. You can enjoy the benefits of Vue.js no matter what functionality your project is focused on.

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Efficient application development

Ready-made solutions make it much easier to develop even the most complex projects. Developers working with Vue.js can access many libraries that have already been extensively tested in the real world. As a result, applications can be created much faster, with the short development time not affecting the security or functionality negatively.

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Easy maintenance

Though JavaScript frameworks are known for evolving quite rapidly, in the case of Vue.js its creators take special care of ensuring compatibility between versions. Even major updates don’t force the developers to rewrite large parts of the codebase. In turn, the maintenance is very simple, and you can always be up-to-date with the latest features and security improvements.

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Small application size

Even the most extensive projects built with Vue.js take up relatively little disk space, which results in great performance and short page load times. The framework also uses a number of optimizations which further boost its speed.

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