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31.03.2020 / IT technology

Remote work in the IT industry - what are the benefits for the employer?

Over the past few years, remote work has gained great popularity. Thanks to this, employees can work in a mode that suits them, while performing their duties faster and better. The...
27.03.2020 / E-commerce

10 simple changes to increase sales in the online store

For every company, regardless of its industry or size, the biggest challenge is to increase sales. That is why companies are constantly looking for new solutions that will help the...
25.03.2020 / Internet technologies

Remote work and data security: main practices for safe work during a pandemic

Due to a coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world are switching to remote work to protect their employees against the spread of the disease. However, for many companies, th...
23.03.2020 / Internet technologies

Productive remote work: 8 useful tools

Remote work is becoming more and more popular not only because of the threat conditions (COVID-19 pandemic) but also due to the spread of the digital nomad lifestyle in the last fe...
05.03.2020 / Internet technologies

Content created by artificial intelligence: is it the future of content marketing?

There are tons of useful tools for marketers that help in performing daily tasks. Topics and titles generating, grammar checking, posts planning: all these functionalities are exec...
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