As a software house, we specialize in delivering personalized software solutions and website development for the healthcare industry, utilizing the latest technologies. Our solutions enhance the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare, supporting medical processes and ensuring comprehensive patient care. We provide tools for data management, monitoring, analysis, and online service promotion.

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What is it

What challenges does the healthcare industry present?

When creating modern products for such a demanding industry as healthcare, it is crucial to consider numerous legal and technological aspects. Below, we list the main challenges associated with designing and implementing such solutions:

Data Security

Access to sensitive medical data places the IT industry under the imperative to ensure a high level of data security, safeguarding patient information from leaks, theft, or cyberattacks.

To secure data, we employ the latest technologies and user authentication methods to ensure they never fall into unauthorized hands.

Interoperability of Systems:

Many medical facilities utilize various IT systems for patient data management and clinical operations. A challenge for the IT industry is ensuring the interoperability of these systems to facilitate seamless data exchange between different platforms and maintain consistency in patient information.

When analyzing and building system architecture, we take into account connectivity with external systems and establish communication protocols. We collaborate with external software providers to develop and customize available APIs according to the needs of the product being developed.

Scalability and Performance

With the increase in medical data volume and complexity of IT systems, ensuring scalability and performance of solutions in the healthcare industry becomes crucial. Systems must be capable of handling a growing number of patients and data while providing quick response times and accessibility to information.

We meticulously plan the work on databases and technologies that will integrate information within the system and with external entities to minimize system load during operations and searches.

User Experience

Ultimately, all technological innovations in the healthcare sector must be embraced by end users, including doctors, medical staff, and patients. The IT industry must ensure that new technologies are user-friendly, understandable, and bring tangible benefits in daily medical practice.

Our experienced project team ensures a thorough analysis of the needs of both industry clients and end-users. We meticulously plan user personas and their user journeys within the developed solution. Mandatory product workshops assist us in achieving the best results.

case study

We present several completed projects for clients in the healthcare industry.

As part of our healthcare offering, we provide

CRM Systems

Customized, comprehensive CRM systems ensuring efficient management of customer and patient relationships, along with data analysis. Full control over processes is key to success.

E-commerce B2C/B2B

Solutions streamlining business collaboration between trading partners and individual customers, ensuring secure and efficient flow of information and transactions.

Product Websites

Precisely designed, responsive websites also serving as product catalogs. Infinite possibilities for promoting products in a modern and straightforward manner.

Custom HEALTHCARE Software Development

Unlock the true potential of your business with Moonbite's custom software development solutions. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that cater specifically to your unique needs and objectives. Here's why you should choose us for your custom software development needs:

  • Do you offer product workshops before starting the collaboration?

    Yes, we provide product workshops, also known as product discovery sessions. These sessions aim to understand client needs, identify business goals, and develop a product concept, forming the basis for creating a project brief.
  • What services do you offer?

    Our services cover the entire software development process, from conception to deployment and support. We specialize in delivering solutions tailored to individual business needs.
  • Do you assist clients in completing the project brief?

    Yes, we provide support in creating the project brief, enabling a clear definition of project requirements and goals.
  • Is there a project specification in place?

    Yes, the project specification is continuously developed alongside the progress of work, providing a comprehensive description and scope of the completed tasks.
  • How do you collaborate with clients?

    Our collaboration is based on close communication and joint decision-making. We strive to understand the client's needs to deliver optimal solutions.


Here is what our customers have to say about us

  • Based on our ongoing cooperation, I can wholeheartedly recommend Moonbite as a professional and reliable partner in implementing B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions.

    Marcin Cyrkiel

    CEO of

  • Moonbite is a highly reliable and trustworthy technological partner in the implementation of a comprehensive and complex B2B system. They have executed this project for us with great proficiency.

    Paweł Kobosz

    Owner of Kobi-Light sp. z o.o.

  • During my collaboration with Moonbite, I experienced exceptional professionalism and received top-notch service in developing my website and b2b system.

    Tamer N. Kilincoglu

    CEO and Owner of Onyx Tiles

  • All projects have been executed diligently while maintaining a high level of technological expertise, allowing us to recommend Moonbite as a solid and professional partner.

    Adam Smuk

    CEO NextM sp. z o.o.

  • Rekomendujemy firmę Moonbite jako profesjonalnego partnera z zakresu tworzenia i utrzymania internetowych jak i naszych mobilnych aplikacji.

    Ireneusz Zimoch

    Vice President at Kom-Eko S.A.

  • Moonbite is a highly reliable and trustworthy technological partner. Our previous cooperation has resulted in the rapid achievement of satisfactory outcomes.

    Piotr Steskal

    CEO of Pan Steskal Sp. z o.o.

  • Based on our ongoing cooperation, I can responsibly recommend Moonbite as a professional and reliable technological partner.

    Marta Wróbel

    Manager of Management and Marketing at Iwoniczanka sp. z o.o.

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