10 most useful tools for programmers

There are so many tools that developers can use to make their work more efficient. Some of them, like code editors and task managers, are necessary but the other ones are somewhat optional. Nowadays because the market is full of options so it is hard sometimes to find the right ones but there are some that are used by almost all developers. Most of the tools are created to work with multiple languages as there are so many and most developers specialize in just one, sometimes two.

1. Code editor (3 tools)

A code editor is an essential tool that developers use every day. A simple text editor like Notepad++ will do just fine but specialistic source code editors have additional features that add more value to developers.

Sublime Text allows for easy navigation and simultaneous editing and works on numerous platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux). This editor is great for simple programming and lets developers work fast and efficiently.

One of the most popular free tools is Visual Studio Code. It is a Microsoft-powered editor that can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Features like debugging and task managing make the Visual Studio Code the go-to tool for quick coding.

2. Prettier

Code formatters like Prettier are not the most necessary tool for programmers but they remove the everlasting code style debates that developers often have. The overall benefit of using formatters is clean and beautifully arranged code. Prettier allows saving time by correcting simple mistakes and formatting the text to be more readable. The formatter is useful especially for junior programmers and new employees who used to style their code in a different way.

3. Devhints

Cheat sheets are very useful for programmers as there are so many things they need to remember. That is why the Devhints was created. It is a tool with a very simple idea – a cheat sheet for most of the popular programming topics. There developers can find sample code for numerous languages, frameworks, and tools that makes their work much easier. Sure, you can always turn to google when you need something but it saves much time to have everything in one place.

4. Insomnia

Making sure that the web application is working is the most important task for web developers. To test that programmers are using API testing tools that send a specific assortment of data to the application to check if it gets a response. Using such tools like Insomnia helps developers to save time and makes the development process much easier. Insomnia allows creating HTTP requests for numerous libraries easily and viewing responses in all details.

5. Avocode

While working with graphic designers developers often need to have access to visual elements and its code. Avocode allows opening graphic files without the need to install special software. The tool automatically generates pieces of code that contains all necessary information about the elements like size, colors, and fonts. Thanks to the possibility to add comments Avocode is a perfect mean of cooperation between graphic designers and developers.

6. Figma

Similarly to Avocode, Figma is a tool that helps graphic designers and programmers to work better together. Additionally, Figma allows for simultaneous editing of elements and text that create a more suited design. The tool is browser-based so can be used on any platform which makes the cooperation much easier.

7. Jira

Jira is one of the most popular projects management tools among developers. It allows tracking bugs and other issues related to the project. Such tools make all tasks more visible and let developers clearly see what should be done next. By using Jira, a team can improve the workflow and deal with project issues faster and more effectively. The project management tools are increasing the overall team and individual’s productivity by making the tasks more organized.

8. GitHub

Every programmer no matter the specialization and level should know about Github, the source control repository. It is a place where all developers can share and edit the files of their projects. Thanks to that every user can improve the open-source projects and help them to grow and expand. Github is known for its friendly community even outside the programming industry. People there are always ready to point out mistakes in others’ files and suggest changes to make projects better. Furthermore, the platform can be also used by companies to manage teams and large projects as all the files can be securely stored in one place.

The list of tools developers use can be much longer depending on the language they are working in and types of projects they are developing. The ones mentioned above, however, are essential and are used in developers’ everyday work no matter their profile. All of them are compatible with various languages and frameworks on multiple systems so can be easily adopted by every developer.

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