10 simple changes to increase sales in the online store

For every company, regardless of its industry or size, the biggest challenge is to increase sales. That is why companies are constantly looking for new solutions that will help them attract more customers.

Thanks to the development of technology, companies are able to offer their services on the Internet to potential consumers around the world. However, online stores need constant changes and improvements to ensure stable sales growth.

Customers’ opinion

Adding customer reviews on both the home and product pages increases user confidence. According to statistics, 95% of users search for product reviews online before making a purchase. Thus, placing a review directly in the online store allows interested customers to get the information they need, and then buy the selected product.

Customer reviews are an essential element of B2B stores because for business clients the references of others are more important than the product description or information provided by the company.

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Feeling of scarcity

When running a promotion in an online store, informing users about how much time is left until its end encourages them to make decisions faster. Nowadays, users do not want to lose the opportunity, so messages about the fact that they have a limited amount of time to buy a selected product create the feeling that they will not receive this opportunity again.

Transparent returns and complaints policy

When shopping online, in addition to the product itself, users also look for information about the order process and return options. Making the return and complaint policy available in the online store will not increase the number of orders that will be returned by customers. However, by obtaining transparent information, potential customers feel safer when placing an order, because they know that if something would be wrong with the product they will be able to return it quickly and easily.

Simple ordering process

The long checkout and the need to provide a large amount of information discourage users and make them stay away from visiting a store also in the future. Therefore, designing simple shopping cart steps that allow users to place an order with a few clicks will not only reduce the number of abandoned carts but also improve the user experience.

No navigation menu during checkout

In addition to providing users with a simple order placement process, it's also important to ensure that nothing distracts customers when finalizing their purchase. Removing the store navigation menu prevents users from leaving the cart to check other store products. The cart should be directed only to placing an order, and therefore should contain Call-to-Action, which leads the customer to the next steps.

Professional photos

Photos of poor quality not only reduce the trust of users but also do not give the opportunity to see the product accurately. Professionally taken photos allow the company to emphasize the advantages of the product and to present all its details. In addition, detailed and qualitative photos improve the design of the online store, which translates into the better user experience.


Whitespace in the online store allows the eyes of users to "relax" from graphics and text content. When the elements of the online store are too close together, customers feel overwhelmed and quickly give up the purchase. Therefore, designing the appropriate spacing between elements of the online store allows providing users with a pleasant browsing site.


The use of new technologies allows companies to improve the performance of the online store as well as relationships with potential customers. Chatbots provide users with the necessary information in a much shorter time and help speed up the ordering process. Chatbots based on artificial intelligence are even able to advise customers and recommend a product suitable for them.

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Mobile version

From September 2020, Google search results will be primarily mobile-based. Therefore, companies should ensure proper optimization of their websites in terms of mobile devices.

In addition, statistics indicate that the popularity of m-commerce is increasing year after year, which is why the improvement of the mobile version of the online store will not only ensure a higher position in search results but also will allow adapting the site to the changing needs of Internet users.

Test, test, test

After setting up an online store, the company should constantly change it to suit the needs of customers and technological trends that have a significant impact not only on the behavior of users but also on the position of the store in search engine results.

Users' opinion about the online store often translates into their expectations of the product. If potential customers won’t like the site, they most likely will think that the company's product is of inferior quality than it really is. That is why it is worth testing various functionalities and graphic elements to ensure the best experience for users.

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