4 foolproof ways to generate more leads

In today’s world users are so distracted that it becomes harder and harder for companies to draw their attention. That creates a serious problem for businesses of all sizes because if users won’t notice the company’s offer they won’t be able to purchase their product. That is why it is important for brands to take their lead generation strategy seriously.

Lead generation can be complicated and require a lot of time and dedication to deliver some results. Because every business is different it sometimes hard to say which way or tool will be the most helpful when it comes to generating leads. However, more often than not it is not what methods the company uses to reach its potential clients but rather how they are used.

Optimize your website

Most of the time companies concentrate on the task of drawing their potential customers to their website or online store and sometimes fail to successfully engage the visitors who as a result leave the page without taking any actions. The content can be very interesting and full of important knowledge and the products - presented in an appealing way. But if the users won’t see the clear path to placing an order and requesting an offer they would leave.

The truth is the part of visitors will never make a purchase. No matter how hard you try and how great your offer is. And between those users and decided clients there is a gray area of people that are inactive but if interacted with in the right way can become paid customers. Companies’ goal is to captivate their attention using on-site automation like chatbot and personalized messages. Engaged users are more likely not only to make a purchase but also to recommend the product or service to their close ones.

Try a different type of content

Content creation does not include only text forms like social media posts or blog articles. Research shows that users nowadays prefer to get information in a way that does not require their active involvement. According to Hubspot, 54% of users want to see more video content from companies and brands they support as the information presented in video form is much easier to digest than text.

The same goes for podcasts. 59% of active listeners spend less time on social media in comparison to podcast consumption and 56% state to purchase a product after hearing it advertised on a podcast. Although companies still should pay special attention to text content that in most cases (as of now) is the main reason that leads potential clients to the brands, the new trendy content forms can also be incorporated into the marketing strategy.

Create lead magnets

Every company has something that can be shared with others. It can be a useful insight that helps to solve a specific problem or a handy tool developed for internal use. Offered in exchange for clients’ email such lead magnets in a form of a downloadable document or private link are very valuable for users because they are providing the information that otherwise would be immensely hard to obtain.

Lead magnets can contain checklists, cheat sheets, templates or printable materials that in some way help users to solve an existing problem. The included information has to be presented in a way that the value for the potential clients is obvious, only then they will be tempted to leave their email.

Specify landing pages

Landing pages usually go hand in hand with lead magnets. Companies, for the most part, have a separate page that offers a downloadable ebook or case study. But besides that, landing pages can be created to present a specific product or service. In such a way brands are making it easier for potential customers to find the right page in the search engine. It also gives marketers a precise place where they can direct the traffic from other channels of communication like social media profiles or ad campaigns.

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