6 reasons why your business needs a mobile app

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to gain more clients and to improve communication with them. Nowadays almost every company has its own website, posts on social media and actively engages with their customers online. But still, the majority of small and middle-sized enterprises don’t exploit the benefits of mobile apps.

People spend almost whole their day with the smartphone in hand. They check social media first thing in the morning and go on with using different apps throughout the day. Mobile wallets, to-do lists, shopping planners accompanies people’s daily decisions. In fact, mobile users are spending almost 3 hours using their smartphone, 86% of that time is devoted to apps. By not having a dedicated mobile app businesses miss the precious opportunity to reach their potential customers where most of their free time goes.

1. Make your business visible

Because people use their phones so much having a mobile app is an easy way to always be before their eyes. Users see app icons a hundred times a day and no matter how regularly they open individual apps, they subconsciously register every image and text on the screen.

Furthermore, people are more likely to use the app instead of the website because of its convenience. They need to install the app once and it will always be to their disposition. Contrary to that websites require users to find it every time they want to use it, that takes much more time than just tapping on the icon.

2. Engage your users

Mobile apps are creating an additional way for companies to communicate with their customers before and after the purchase. Users can form communities within the app that increases their engagement with the business as well. Encouraging customers to interact with the company’s content or to create their own is building the trust and strong relations between the business and their clients.

3. Give additional value to customers

Whether the app provides information about the company and its product or the tool to solve some customers’ problem, it gives users added value besides what business’ primal offer is. Aside from that apps have access to native phone features that help to communicate with users in real time and present them exclusive deals. If the customers go back again and again to the app to receive some value they will be more inclined to interact with the company in other ways.

4. Collect useful analytics

Apps can give more value not only to customers but companies itself. Businesses can get more information about their potential customers and their behavior online. By tracking users interactions with the app, companies can understand how to improve their product and provide more useful information for their customers. Thanks to user insides enterprises can quickly discover new business opportunities and broaden their influence to new markets.

5. Reach global markets

For small local businesses who want to expand their reach, the mobile app is one of the simplest ways to gain more clients. Apps allow similar minded people to connect with each other and find products that suit them. Users gladly engage with the apps that give them value and the location or size of the company is not that important to them. The increasing number of international users also helps to build brand recognition and influence outside the local market. 

6. Get ahead of the competition

A lot of businesses don’t use the potential of mobile apps as for a long time it was considered that only big and global corporations can have their own. However, that is changing rapidly. Smaller companies now have the opportunity to get ahead of their competition by developing mobile apps that can make their brand global and their product available for a wider audience of users. Besides that people nowadays love a forward-thinking approach to almost everything and prefer companies that have a unique proposition as well as an interesting way to present it.

Technological progress allows businesses to use new approaches to run their processes more efficiently and improve their relations with customers. Mobile apps give companies a fresh field to interact with users and promote their products and services to a larger audience. The innovativeness of mobile app development among smaller businesses gives them a head start that in today's competitive world is a huge advantage.

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