How is B2B marketing different from B2C marketing?

B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) are two business systems that focus on different target groups and types of products. Therefore their marketing strategies should also vary.

Rational marketing of B2B market

Clients of B2B and B2C businesses are reaching for the products with distinct reasons. B2B customers value the features of the product. They need something that will make their work more efficient and profitable. The purchase decision is not emotional but practical. Businesses usually don’t consider the product itself but its uses. So while marketing theirs’s products or services B2B businesses should focus more on showing the financial benefits and backing it with data.

B2B market is more demanding than B2C. Business customers want more knowledge and it is an opportunity to develop an image of an expert in your field. Show your customers how they can save money, time and resources. Then present them your product or service that will do just that for them.

The value of the B2B purchase is much higher than B2C. Products for businesses are not only cost from a few thousand to even several million dollars, but they also are creating long-lasting relationships between businesses. That is why B2B selling is usually done in person and involves custom changes to the product. The purchase is also relevant for the customers so the decision, for the most part, is done collectively by people who will use the product. The marketing strategy should consider the needs of all individuals involved.

Marketing for regular customers

While operating within B2C market companies need to focus more on showing the benefits of the product. B2C customers are more emotional. They usually are basing their decisions on their feelings toward the product itself. Such customers consider how the product will make them feel, look or smell. So the marketing message should clearly point out how customers can benefit from using the product. Because the purchasing process is very short customers don’t want to guess or to spend time understanding the product. It is your responsibility that customers are well-informed and ready for the decision.

The B2C market is huge and diverse. It is almost impossible to create tailored marketing message for each and every one of potential customers. Therefore the marketing strategy is directed at the target group in general with broadly defined and easy to understand message.

B2B and B2C markets have their own clients who have different core needs when it comes to purchasing products. And companies have to understand the characteristics of both markets.

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