How to attract new customers and retain old ones?

In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to acquire new customers. Users trust brands less and less and tend to rely on the opinion of others when making the purchasing decision. However, there is still a lot of things that companies can do to attract and retain their customers.

In the old days, when online advertising and marketing was new, customers used to interact with brands differently. They engaged less but their trust was significantly higher. Nowadays, according to statistics, 81% chooses to listen to friends and family rather than companies advice, and 55% have less trust in the brands they bought from than before. The effectiveness of the methods companies are using to communicate with their potential customers is declining, however, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible today to attract new clients. It is just much harder.

Customers became more demanding. The internet has given them the opportunity to share their opinion and experience, as well as the ability to follow every company’s action both online and offline. In the past (and even now) brands were using technics to reach their clients that would be considered as not that fair. Now when users have more access to information online they are aware of the fact that companies tend to embellish their products and services with the advertisement. That is why customers would turn for the recommendation to other users instead of brands and their salesmen.

Customers experience matters

Users will eventually come to the company if they want to purchase the product or services. Then it is crucial to give the customers the best service and exceptional experience so they will want to share it with others. 
For users, it is much easier to choose brands they are already familiar with, especially when the previous experience was positive. People often buy from companies they purchased before because it saves the hustle of finding the alternative. Besides that customers nowadays are likely to talk about their purchases with their close ones, followers on social media and random strangers online. And it depends on the company if their review will be positive or negative.

The importance of personal connection

The connection with customers should not end with the purchase. Afterward, it is very important to pop-up in the customers' news feed or email inbox with the personalized message every once in a while. Such actions tell clients that the company did not abandon them after it received what it wants. This also reminds customers about the company and therefore builds a stronger bond with it. Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend the brand or its products when they have frequent interactions with it.

Word of mouth can bring you more new customers than other marketing technics because the trust of users is shifting from brands to other users. That is why it is so important to care about your present customers and their experience. However, still, it is just one of the ways to attract potential clients.

Care for your online presence

The website has a big impact on the decision making of potential customers. Because the website is the place where users generally find information about the company and its offer, it supposed to be readable and representative. Users should figure out within the first minute the main idea of the site. If potential clients won’t be able to tell the purpose of the website shortly after they entered they’ll leave without any interactions with it. The navigation and overall design have to be carefully planned and simplified to deliver users the best experience. Difficult to navigate website discourages customers and makes it hard for them to make a decision.

Content has a big influence as well. Unfitted visuals and text confuse users so they won’t be inclined to learn more about the company and purchase from it.

In today’s world, it is more and more difficult to gain and retain clients. The market is full of companies that offer similar products and services and often the difference between them is insignificant. Therefore users constantly have to make o choice that can seem like a tough task for them. Company than should stand out not only with their products but also with their care for the customers. 

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