How to choose a software development company?

Nowadays companies are nothing without their software. Every enterprise ought to have a website, many implement ERP, CMS, CRM systems into their businesses, a lot of firms are selling digital products or offer online services. And all this would not exist without the companies that develop different kinds of software.

Choosing the right software development company is a very difficult and at the same time an important decision to make. The success of your project depends on many factors that influence your cooperation with the outsourced company. So you need to be extra careful when selecting the company that will develop the product for you. There are a lot of things to consider before the final decision and here are the most important ones.

Avoid very cheap offers

First of all, don’t choose the cheapest option. It is the same with all the products – if you buy the product for the lowest price the quality of that product also will be very poor. So you end up paying more to fix the product or entirely replace it.

Instead, go for the offer that is cost effective. Always compare the quality of the offered services to their price. You want to make sure that you are getting the best product for its cost and there will be no need to spend more money by the end of the project development process.

Check the portfolio

Check companies portfolios to find projects that are similar to your idea. It will give you a clear understanding of how well the company will execute your project.

While checking the portfolio pay the attention to industries and businesses that the company worked with. It is better to look for companies that understand your business and can help you develop a product that will benefit you the most.

Size of the company matters

Choose the company that is like yours when it comes to size. That way you can be sure, that the company will treat you as an important client. If the company is much bigger it would not pay your project enough attention, while the smaller company could be too inexperienced to deliver the product you will be satisfied with.

Companies that are roughly the same size also tend to have a similar corporate culture. It can significantly ease the cooperation between firms that leads to better relations and a clear understanding of the project.

Technology stack

When the company specializes in many technologies at the same time it means that the level of the skills is not that high. Of course, it does not apply to giant corporations that can afford to hire a lot of specialists that work in different technologies. But when it comes to smaller sized companies, less is always more.

Also, look into companies that work in technologies that you are somewhat familiar with. It will help you to understand the software development process better and will make the communication much smoother.

Ability to say “No”

Avoid companies that agree to everything. That is not realistic to expect the company to be able to do each and every element of the project exactly how you want it. If the company wants to deliver the best product for you it will definitely make changes to your initial project. It will propose better solutions based on their experience instead of agreeing to yours.

Look for a company that will tell you: “No, we can’t do this” or “No, this will be the waste of time and money, better do that instead”. This shows that the firm cares about your project and its execution more than about your money.

Choosing the right company among thousands of others can seem scary. With all the things to consider it is easy to overlook some factors and end up with the product that you don’t quite like. That is why you need to carefully analyze your options to find the most suitable for your project company.

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