Integrations with external tools: how to increase the effectiveness of the online store?

The efficient functioning of the online store is provided by numerous modules and integrated tools that are responsible for processing individual processes. Proper integrations enable automation of order processing stages, eliminating the need for manual data entry and system changes.

ERP system

One of the most important integrations in an online store is the management system. As a rule, the ERP system has much more functionality, in addition to sales processes, but allows you to create modules individually for the online store.

In addition, the system has a general database that covers all aspects of the company's operations, so any change in one module leads to updating information in another. This ensures the smooth functioning of the entire company and the smooth running of all processes.

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Why ERP system?

1. The ERP system help to eliminate the risk of making a mistake while managing customer data and processes within the company.

2. Thanks to the system integration, the company's financial management is facilitated, which in turn has an impact on budget planning and reduction of maintenance costs.

3. The ERP system combines all processes in one software, which makes monitoring more efficient and data search faster.

4. Process automation allows for more efficient order processing, increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, the ERP system improves the quality of customer service because employees are able to respond more quickly to inquiries.


Currently, online stores that only offer a range of their own production are quite rare. Otherwise, the store must cooperate with wholesalers and suppliers who provide a regular inventory. Thanks to the integration with wholesalers, sellers receive information about goods (material, price, description, manufacturer's brand) and can automatically add selected products to their offer.

During the implementation of our projects, we most often encountered the need to integrate the online store with Subiekt GT, Optima XL, and REIM, which facilitate cooperation not only with wholesalers but also with other external entities, e.g. an accounting office.

Why wholesale?

1. Integration with the warehouse allows for automatic updates of product information (including availability), thanks to which there are much fewer problems with orders.

2. The wholesaler transfers to the online store a data package that contains not only descriptions but also product photos, so the company does not bear the additional costs of organizing a photo session.

3. Store management system having access to wholesale prices can automatically change the price visible to users taking into account the imposed margin on specific product categories.

4. Thanks to the integration with the wholesaler, the seller receives access to the product database and has the ability to easily add new items and even entire categories to his offer.


Online sales not only take place within individual online stores. Marketplace services allow users to browse many products at once, comparing offers from different sellers. Allegro and Ceneo are the most popular portals, where internet users start searching for products. Google Shopping, which presents products directly in the search engine, is also beginning to gain popularity.

Existence in external websites requires the addition of individual product offers, which can be time-consuming. However, the appropriate integrations allow you to share an assortment with one click.

Why marketplace?

1. Thanks to the integration with external services, sellers can automatically add offers with all product information, avoiding the creation of individual sales ads.

2. The general sales management system allows for immediate updating of the information contained in the offer so that users always have access to data that correspond to the actual state.

3. Integration with external services helps to increase the number of users who can come across the online store offer and decide to buy.

Accounting system

No company can operate without a proper mechanism for receiving payments, paying invoices and planning the budget. The integration of the online store with the accounting system allows for effective monitoring of the company's cash flow, which applies not only to sales but also to employee paychecks and other costs related to maintaining the enterprise.

Why accounting system?

1. The integration of the store management system with the accounting system allows analyzing the company's finances taking into account all aspects of its operations. It also enables efficient use of funds and facilitates reporting.

2. The accounting system gives the opportunity to combine information about orders, returns, and complaints along with other data related to the functioning of the store, allowing for the automatic generation of invoices and payment confirmations.

Delivery company

Unless the online store offers digital goods, it should work with delivery companies to ship products. The use of delivery services allows for the increased comfort of order processing for both the customer and seller. Besides that, the integration ensures that the shipment is carried out even faster and more efficiently.

Why delivery company?

1. The availability of data within one system reduces the risk of error when manually rewriting order data.

2. Integration with external tools enables establishing cooperation with several delivery companies, thereby increasing the number of shipment options available to users.

3. Thanks to the integration, all information about the order is stored within one system, facilitating warehouse management and customer reports.


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