Interactive elements on the website and customers' attention. See how we do it.

Every day, about half a million new websites appear on the Internet. The growing number of sites means that Internet users have more options and leave the page faster in search of another source of information.

Encouraging users to visit the website is a difficult task, but keeping their attention for longer depends on even more factors. According to statistics, on average, approximately 49% of users leave the website without taking any actions. This means that the user was not interested enough to go to other pages or interact with the site in any way.

The truth is, lots of users are not very active. Some just scroll through the site in search of the information they need and leave within a few seconds before they even see a pop-up encouraging them to subscribe to the newsletter. To keep users' attention companies develop unusual graphic designs and interesting functionalities that in one way or another respond to the "presence" of the visitor.

Interactive elements are quite interesting component of the website for Internet users. The fragments moving along with the mouse attract attention and encourage further interaction with the site. In addition, the interactive elements for the average user resemble animations that seem difficult to create and program.

Elements that recipients can "control" with the mouse can be developed in various forms. On the Bitwa pod Komarowem website, we designed interactive components that give photos even more dramatic look. Graphic elements move along with the mouse, thanks to which the animation effect is noticeable immediately after entering the website.

Another example of the use of interactive elements is the menu. The change the graphics or navigation elements’ color while interacting with the user is a fairly common solution on websites. For Absolutio, we have used background photos that switch depending on the selected category. Thanks to such interactive elements, users pay more attention to those elements that the company wants to highlight, e.g. their services.

Due to the fact that interactive elements are closely related to the behavior of Internet users, it is very common to design the original cursor on the website. Interactions, caused by moving the mouse, create an animation effect, sparking the interest of inactive users.

The use of interactive elements adds an unusual touch to the website, which makes users more likely to interact with the site. As a result, the likelihood of a visitor becoming a customer increases. What's more, site statistics also increase, which in turn have a big impact on search engine rankings.


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