Is email marketing dead already?

Probably you heard multiple times that email marketing is not relevant already. But is it really?

We send and receive several emails every day. So it is a relatively easy way to be seen by your customers. Frankly speaking, people don’t hate to receive promotional emails as long as they are not too frequent and contain interesting content. The truth is, most companies just don’t do email marketing right.

Personalize the message to your clients

The most common solution for an unsuccessful email campaign is to send more frequent emails. However, users enjoy personalized messages that contain entertaining content. So sending hundreds of emails with stale text without any graphics will not save the situation. Nowadays a lot of marketing automation tools are available for companies that can improve email marketing drastically. You can personalize the content based on information collected by cookies and people will love it. Personalization increases the open rate by 29% which in the world of email marketing can be crucial.

Create triggers to send emails

Do not bombard your clients with tons of emails even if they are visually appealing and contain interesting text. Another strategy includes sending emails only when something changes on your website or company. It could be anything from restocking to the new blog post. In a short time, your clients will notice, that you are reaching out to them with a piece of information that is important and relevant for them. It will not only increase the open rate but also will strengthen the bond between your brand and clients.

Collected information also allows you to personalize which message to communicate to your clients and what information would important to them. It means that not everyone will be interested in the email informing that only a few items are left in stock. Only those who have that particular product in the cart will find the message important. 

Newsletters for lead generation

A lot of marketers neglect the importance of newsletter. However, they are one of the best ways to collect leads. Usually to get a contact with the customer you need to give them something in return. A newsletter is an easy option. You will have an email address and an opportunity to contact your customers multiple times. It increases the chance of recurring purchases and building loyal relations with your customers.
On the other hand, it means that you’ll need to create newsletters often to keep their attention. The truth is, even the most loyal readers will not read every single newsletter you send. So you’ll have to continue creating interesting and engaging newsletters.

Law complications for email marketing

It would seem that laws like GDPR are going to kill email marketing sooner or later. But it doesn’t mean that the end is here. People nowadays are just more careful to whom they’re giving their information. If they trust your company they will share the data with you in return for valuable and interesting content. It could even be beneficial for businesses as they will receive information from people, who are genuinely interested in their content and are potential clients.

The era of email marketing is not over yet. In fact, technological progress changed it into a powerful tool that can be beneficial in the right hands. If you are using email marketing and it seems to be useless, try changing the strategy. You already have the channel to communicate with your clients. You only need to optimize the way you use it.

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