Marketing automation – is it worth it?

Marketers are handling a lot of tasks every day. They need to create content and strategy, monitor statistics, and establish a way to communicate with clients. Some of those tasks can be easily automated to make their work more efficient.

Marketing automation is a process of using software to mechanize small and repetitive tasks that can be done without supervision. It includes sending personalized emails, nurturing leads, and collecting user information. By automating some processes, marketers can reach their potential clients with tailored messages that will increase the conversion and make the overall user experience better.

How does marketing automation work?

In general, marketing automation allows to send content to users based on their behavior and collected data. It happens through the software monitoring users actions within the website and saving the information that was specified by the marketer. This way the marketing department can compile all sorts of information – from the device used to visit the page to the user’s physical location. Such information helps to understand potential clients, and what they are looking for in the company’s offer.

Marketing automation software allows to set up forms on the website to create groups of users for various purposes. Based on the information submitted in the forms, users are divided into different lists, and marketers can then determine how and where to contact their prospects. It also helps to identify which users will be more interested in the company’s offer and which leads require a little bit more nurturing.

Besides that, due to the amount of data collected by the software, marketers have access to useful analytics that showcases the users' behavior on the website or store. The analytics help to segment users in accordance with specific traits or behaviors and allow to send automatic emails based on that segmentation. So the visitors who viewed pricing and project pages will receive a different message than the ones who only scrolled the product page and left.

The benefits of marketing automation

Marketing automation is becoming more and more popular among companies. 75% of marketers say they are using at least one type of marketing automation tools so the majority of the industry is implementing this solution to give their clients a more personalized experience. Aside from that, automating tasks saves employees time that they can spend on other duties. It is, actually, one of the most important benefits that marketers are pointing out. Software publishes scheduled posts, interacts with users in certain ways, and sends a newsletter without much intervention by the marketer. Of course, it requires the employee to write posts, create the newsletter, and set up all the, to begin with. However, it helps to reduce the number of repetitive tasks that can be automated. It also increases the productivity of the marketing department and helps it focus on strategy building and more creative work.

Marketing automation is not a new concept, but as technology advances, it becomes more widely applied. It has a lot of benefits and can give marketers creative freedom in their work. Although it can take time to find the right tool that will suit all the company’s needs, after the implementation, the marketing department can enjoy its effectiveness.

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