The importance of website maintenance

The work on the website does not end with the finalization of the development process. The site requires regular updates and changes to stay relevant and fresh in the eyes of users and to search engines’ algorithms. It is easy for companies to neglect their website because they frequently don’t think it is important enough to keep all the pages crisp and links supervised.

Website maintenance is regular checkups and updates that help to eliminate issues and bugs that can interfere with the website functioning. The absence of maintenance leads to difficulties during the use of the site as well as compromises the security of users’ and company’s data. And the company cannot afford to have the users’ experience and safety suffer.

Maintenance does not only apply to mistakes that occur in the code of the website but also to the subpages and content published there. The company should routinely review all the text pieces if they are up to date and relevant to provide their users the freshest information. Usually content doesn’t need to be rewritten very often but it is still useful to check it every so often.

How the absence of maintenance harms the website?

Most companies pay a lot of attention solely to the development process of the website and not the maintenance. Usually, the updates involve only publishing new blog posts from time to time and occasional backups. However, in the long run, it is not enough to keep the website fresh and healthy.


One of the main purposes of the website is to attract potential customers and acquaint them with the company’s offer. For that to work well the site should have a good rank in the search engine.

Based on the content the website contains, the search engine decides if it will be interesting for users to read or view. The algorithm takes into account the changes on the website because it wants users to see only relevant and fresh information so the chance of them clicking is higher. Without new content, the search engine will decide that the website doesn’t have anything to say to its potential clients and will push it below the competitors’ sites.

The company doesn’t need to frequently change general information, like “About us” page or the content of the offer but regular blog updates or new project showcases help the website to keep the high ranking in search engine results.

Customers Experience

The website should give users some value and make them return not once or twice. Whether it be new blog posts or a renewed offer, potential clients should be satisfied with it. Besides that, regular updates show the users that the company cares about them. The users’ attention in today's’ world is extremely important and companies should do everything they can to get it. An attractive and engaging site draws potential clients while routinely posted compelling content keeps them coming for more.

Design and technology

The world of website development does not standstill. The technologies and graphic design practices are constantly changing and the companies have to keep up with innovation to deliver their users the best experience. Different trends in graphic design, especially in UX showcase how users’ behavior and preferences change and help to adjust the website layout and look accordingly. It doesn’t mean that the site should regularly alter its design, but small changes that can make a big difference are always a good idea.

On the other hand, if the technology that has been used to develop the website changes somehow, the site’s features may not work as well as before. That is why it is very important to regularly check if pages and individual elements are loading correctly and quickly. Not only users won’t want to visit and stay on the flawed website but its rank and overall performance will suffer.


Websites are attacked by viruses and malware on a daily basis and the level of protection indicates if the attacks will be successful. Outdated sites are more likely to being hacked because the lack of updates unveils the flaws in the system that can be used to break-in.

If the website stores any form of users’ information it is even more important to keep the security updates in check as each leak of data or performance difficulties is damaging the trust between the company and its customers.

Although website maintenance takes time and determination to regularly check for mistakes and flaws it is important for the security and the performance. The site is supposed to represent the company online and help it grow but if not carried for it can seriously harm the business and relationships with its potential and current clients.

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