The role of video in content marketing

The popularity of video is on the rise. In fact, YouTube has over a billion users who watch around 500 million hours of videos a day. Also, YouTube is considered the second largest search engine, which means that people more often are turning to video content rather than text to look for the information they need. It makes video the next big thing in the world of marketing.

Storytelling in video content

Video can say a lot more than a text and show a lot more than a picture. That is why it is so addicting for the viewers. Videos tell stories and people want to engage with those stories. It creates the perfect base for your business to interacts with your potential customers. Through video, you can show how your business operates, how to use your product and how people can benefit from using your product or service. Wrap the boring tutorial into engaging storytelling and you can have millions of views which then can boost sales.

The perception of video

More than half of internet users prefer video content over other formats. It is the perfect form of entertainment combining image, sound and sometimes text. It catches the viewers’ attention easier and allows them to absorb more information. Because the brain processes visuals much faster than text people retain 95% of the message conveyed in video form in comparison to 10% in text. It also helps video content to create an emotional connection between the creator and the viewer. It may not make the viewers to feel the urge to purchase the product or the service but it will play an important part in the decision later. Emotional connection creates a positive image of a brand and can subconsciously influence the purchase decisions in the future.

Expand the boundaries

Although YouTube is the biggest platform to post and share video content your potential customers can also be present on other platforms. Facebook is the second platform where marketers are distributing their videos. Despite the fact that Facebook is typically considered a social media platform it gives more and more options for marketers. In recent years Facebook started to boost video content to create more engagement and to attract more users. Also last year Instagram, bought by Facebook in 2012, introduced IGTV, a new video platform that allows users to post and watch the video within the Instagram app. The availability of different platform options allows marketers to test them to find their target audience.

Video content can seem complicated to create. It takes time to plan, produce and edit. However, the engagement video creates can help marketers to reach users that otherwise would not pay attention to another form of content. Implementing a video format into your content strategy gives a massive opportunity to expand your reach to new platforms and experiment with the new forms of content. Using video to showcase your products or services can help you to show the viewers your business from the other, more interesting for them, side. Now is an ideal time to find the place for video in your marketing strategy.

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