What is account-based marketing and why you should use it?

For a long time, marketing strategies focused on reaching their target audience that contained many prospects. That was the time when B2B businesses started to use social media to connect with their customers and communicate with them in a more casual way. The customers appreciated that but now when every last bit of information they receive online is personalized they want the same from the companies. Everyone wants to get a special deal, a special attitude towards them. Account-based marketing is ready to give them that.

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a business marketing approach in which the individual customers are viewed and treated as a separate market. Because of the nature of relations building in B2B the ABM strategy makes more sense in communication between businesses rather than in B2C. Also, B2B deals with much bigger clients that are easier to identify and therefore to target.

Companies nowadays are putting more and more emphasis on growing revenue and involving the marketing team in the sale processes. By combining efforts, marketing and sales departments can largely influence the decisions of their target clients. Sales department identifies the companies they want to work with so it is easier for the marketers to create campaigns targeted to specific companies or even employees within the business.

Who benefits from ABM?

For years sales and marketing were working on the same goal but were using different technics and approaches to achieve it. That is why in most instances the results departments got were not satisfactory for one another. By implementing account-based approach agencies partner with companies that are the most beneficial for them. Sales agents can personalize their sales pitches and deliver better offers to every individual client. And because of tailored marketing communication customers are making a decision faster making the work of sales department more efficient.

For marketing, ABM is a golden chance to get to know their target audience. Then rather than creating campaign and ads that will bring the company a lot of leads that would not purchase the product or service, marketers can focus on potential clients that almost surely will decide to work with the company. A better understanding of clients business and how to reach them helps also in other areas of marketing activities that are aimed to build brand awareness or expend the influence on social media.

Besides that, clients are benefiting for the ABM as well. Account-based marketing delivers a better-tailored experience that influences the clients' satisfaction not only from the overall communication but also from the received product or service.

Aligning sales and marketing to work together towards the same goal using the same technics is an ultimate way to the company’s growth and success. Without that alignment, the actions of both departments will continue to contradict each other and struggle to deliver important clients that the agency could benefit from the most. The success of account-based marketing lays in the strong communication and collaboration between marketing and sales departments.

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