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Ledolux is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting for businesses and homes.

Ledolux specializes in large-scale production of LED lighting and participates in numerous tenders related to lighting for corporate, sports, street, and municipal park facilities. They also provide servicing for installed products, requiring significant coordination efforts on the part of the service office.


Our task was to create a user-friendly ecosystem that connects customers with the Ledolux team and supports their operations.

CRM System
Product Configurator Application


We developed and integrated a platform that combines inquiry collection, a website, and a CRM customer support system.


  • HTML

  • Sass

  • CSS

  • PHP

  • Javascript

  • Laravel

  • Vue.js

  • MySQL

  • Quasar



Following a thoughtful strategy yields the best results.

Creating comprehensive customized solutions requires a meticulously planned path that we will follow to deliver the product both on time and with uncompromising quality. Our team always begins with a thorough analysis of needs, followed by the development of a detailed plan.

CRM PlatformLedolux
CRM Login


See how we solved the product offer generation system for Ledolux clients.

The offer generator was created based on the experience of the Ledolux sales team. It offers a full range of editing capabilities, which we present in the points below.

  • Automatic data filling, e.g., importing company data from the GUS portal by NIP
  • Adding a company, branch, or investment to CRM directly from this place
  • Custom discount calculation system
  • Product list that allows adding and changing product data, only in the selected offer
  • Detailed conditions presented in an editable text field with default content
  • Notes for the Ledolux team that are not made available in the generated offer
  • PDF generation
  • Copying the offer to facilitate creating its next version or an offer with a similar scope
  • Setting statuses and priorities for offers
Offer firm
Product iphones

Configurator proccess

An advanced method for selecting lighting products for special types of spaces.

The configurator aims to choose the appropriate lighting for both new investments and existing ones. We will follow the "Modernization" path. It is similar to the "New Investment" path but offers more options.

Office boxes

Step 1

Parameters of the selected object.

Each of the mentioned objects has its specificity, but for presentation purposes, we chose office spaces. The configurator has predefined assumptions for specific object data, which cannot be exceeded for safety and work hygiene reasons in Poland. In this step, we enter the object parameters, which we verify and calculate to appropriately select products in the next step.

Step 1

Step 2

Choose one of the proposed products.

Based on the previously entered data, the configurator calculated which products meet the relevant conditions. Each product has additional options that the user can optionally choose. Based on the selected product, the configurator in the next step selects the layout and the quantity of lamps needed.

Step 2

Step 3

The algorithm calculates the layout and quantity of products.

The presented information is the result of calculations from the two previous steps, where the user made choices. The data is presented in numerical form and in a visual representation of the calculated lighting parameters.

Step 3

Step 4

Investment return calculation.

Based on the user-entered data on current energy consumption and information about the proposed new lighting, the configurator calculates the time needed for the invested amount to return to the customer.

Step 4

Configurator proccess

The last two steps involve summarizing the information gathered so far and filling out a contact form.

The calculation results and data entered by the customer then go to their email inbox as a summary and to the CRM platform, where it is further handled by the Ledolux team.



Carefully refined elements.

We made every effort to ensure that the system reflects the Ledolux branding elements, while adding our own accents. Minor color adjustments and the creation of new interface elements resulted in a cohesive integration with the client's existing projects.

Design systemFirm arena
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