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Mistero Milano is a leading brand in the European market for hybrid nail polishes and gels.

It is one of the first brands in the European market to introduce and promote hybrid products for manicures and nail styling. The brand holds a prominent position in the global market as a manufacturer of high-quality professional products highly appreciated by stylists. Currently, Mistero Milano products are available in various countries, including Spain, Germany, Italy, and Iran.


While creating the Mistero Milano online store for the Slovak market, one of the key challenges was to develop a unique and appealing interface while maintaining consistency with the overall brand image.

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We conducted a thorough analysis of the Slovak market to appropriately adjust communication to the preferences of Slovak customers.

Our goal was to find a balance between conveying the brand's values and creating an attractive interface. To achieve a personalized look for the store, taking into account the preferences and expectations of Slovak audiences, we adjusted graphic elements, color schemes, and the layout of the site.


  • Figma

  • Javascript

  • PHP 7.3

  • HTML / CSS

  • Laravel

  • Vue

  • Bootstrap

  • Sass

Mistero Milano


Useful features and intuitive design: Filters and product layout in the Mistero Milano Slovakia online store.

To ensure convenient and efficient use of the Mistero Milano online store in the Slovak market, we implemented intuitive filters on the product listing page. These filters allow users to easily narrow down their search.

Additionally, we took care of a clear layout on individual product cards. The content is presented in a clear and organized manner, facilitating quick access to product information. The product description is divided into active tabs, allowing users to easily explore the features and description of the product, helping them make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Mistero Milano
Mistero MilanoBasket


Convenient and intuitive shopping: Three-step cart and floating order summary.

We introduced a three-step cart on the Mistero Milano website, providing a convenient and transparent shopping experience. At each stage, the user is informed about the progress and updates of the order, such as shipping costs, through a floating summary.

Mistero Milano
Mistero Milano


The 'Inspiration' module is a feature that allows users to discover and draw inspiration from various nail stylizations.

Each nail stylization photo on the Inspiration subpage contains a link to the products used, enabling users to easily find and purchase those specific products.



Quick access to shopping on Mistero Milano Slovakia using a mobile device.

We focused on providing fast access to key features such as the shopping cart, search, and user account. We adjusted the sizes of interactive elements such as buttons, forms, and links to make them easily noticeable and comfortable to use on screens of various sizes. We ensured text clarity and proper layout of elements to provide intuitive navigation and a smooth transition through the purchasing process.

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