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Owlet: a category leader in "smart baby monitors"

Owlet is a company founded in 2013 that develops innovative baby health monitoring solutions, such as a smart sock and camera, allowing parents to monitor their baby's vital signs and ensure their safety.


The main challenge was to construct an interface aligned with the brand's image that instills trust and is user-friendly, especially for parents.

Web development


We conducted a thorough analysis of the Owlet brand's image and understood the values and aesthetics associated with it.

The next step was to develop visually pleasing styling that evokes positive associations related to childcare. We used bright colors, subtle patterns, and thoughtful graphics to create an atmosphere suitable for Owlet's products.


  • Figma

  • JavaScript

  • PHP 7.3

  • HTML / CSS

  • Laravel

  • Vue

  • Bootstrap

  • Sass



Intuitive selection of the appropriate product configuration.

The Owlet product card has been implemented in a way that ensures organized and clear presentation of information and available product configurations to facilitate user selection. The product card includes key information about delivery and warranty so that users can quickly obtain crucial order-related data.

Phone screens


Clear presentation of the product.

The product card includes a section where the product's features and application functionalities are presented using clear tiles with previews of application views. These tiles provide users with a visual representation of how the product works in practice and what benefits it offers.


Quick selection of the perfect color.

On the product card in the Owlet store, there is a section that allows users to change the color of the presented product using buttons. This interactive section provides a quick preview of available color options and allows users to choose the one that suits them best.



Three-step Owlet cart.

The three-step Owlet cart provides constant access to the order summary and clear information about the steps in the purchase process. Users have the option to go back to the previous step and modify selected parameters.

Big screens


Convenient and smooth cart preview.

The cart preview on the Owlet store allows for intuitive order management without the need to reload the page. Users can edit the quantity of products and remove them from the cart in real-time, providing convenience and full control during the shopping process.

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