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ZnawcyOpon: Professional supplier of high-quality car tires.

ZnawcyOpon is a renowned supplier of car tires, offering high-quality products and comprehensive customer service. From their extensive range, you can choose tires from various brands, models, and sizes, tailored to different types of vehicles. The company collaborates with major tire manufacturers and wholesalers in Poland.


One of the main challenges was to create an advanced product filtering system that would allow customers to precisely search for tires based on various attributes.



We conducted an in-depth analysis of the client's requirements and designed a user interface that enables easy and intuitive use of advanced filters, allowing customers to precisely tailor their search to their preferences.

We implemented a flexible system for managing product attributes, making it easy to add, edit, and update information about the tires.


  • Figma

  • JavaScript

  • PHP 7.3

  • HTML / CSS

  • Laravel

  • Vue

  • Bootstrap

  • Sass

Znawcy Opon


Precision filtering with a dedicated graphic element.

The advanced search feature on Znawcy Opon's website allows for easy and precise product searches, catering to various customer needs. The search function enables filtering tires based on product features such as size, type, seasonality, brand, or suitability for specific types of vehicles.

Additionally, our search tool includes a dedicated graphic element to highlight a particular tire brand. Upon selecting the "Manufacturer" filter, an animation is presented, showcasing a tire from the chosen brand. This attention-grabbing feature helps us stand out and capture the user's attention compared to competitors.

Znawcy Opon


Carefully designed mobile experiences.

The mobile versions of Znawcy Opon's store have been tailored to meet the expectations and preferences of users on mobile devices. Special attention was given to designing the product tile to ensure clear display of the attributes of a particular tire and provide transparent information about product availability. Additionally, we enabled easy and intuitive modification of the quantity of the ordered product directly from the product listing.

Znawcy Opon
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