JavaScript is a language used currently by over 90% of all websites. Its features and capabilities have been appreciated by many developers and users. Find out why JS can be the ideal choice for your project.

JavaScript – one of the Web’s most important technologies

Since its first version was created in Match 1996, JavaScript has managed to gain great respect in the world of web development. Its introduction paved the way for significant changes in the way users interact with websites. Older, static pages made only with HTML and CSS could now be enriched by interactive components. Even though JavaScript itself was first developed for Netscape, which had its peak of popularity in the 90s, its ease of use and huge possibilities led to its implementation in other browsers. Currently, JavaScript is supported by every major browser.

Unlike many other programming languages, using JavaScript doesn’t require installing additional software in the form of an IDE or a compiler. It’s available right in the browser – this made it easy for many programmers to familiarize themselves with JS, which contributes to its popularity. Scripts made with JavaScript often rely on event sourcing, which perfectly fits the way websites are used. There are also many frameworks based on JavaScript, which allow developers to use built-in features in order to streamline and speed up the development process.

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What are the most important advantages of JavaScript?

JavaScript is designed for client-side usage, but in some cases it’s also used directly on the server. Its functionality is perfectly suited for interacting with browsers and websites. Find out what makes JavaScript the go-to choice when creating an interactive webpage.

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JavaScript code is executed by the browser. As a result, there’s usually no dependency on outside resources – everything is available on the client’s side. This means that there is no network communication overhead, which translates to high performance.

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Built-in support in many browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and many, many others – all the most popular browsers support JavaScript without additional configuration. Thanks to this, users will be able to access your website’s functionality no matter which software they choose.

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JavaScript can be used in web development for both server-side and front-end client code. Additionally, it’s easy to complete projects of any kind and size – from complete applications to small scripts used to enhance a website’s functionality.

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It’s a language that has enjoyed the widest use on the Web for years, also being the technology that’s picked by programmers most frequently. All this means that the JavaScript ecosystem is constantly supported, so you can count on ongoing updates and the ability to take advantage of the latest features.

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