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Furniture store for every interior.

The company offers a wide selection of furniture for various spaces, such as homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, cafes, gardens, and educational institutions, collaborating with renowned manufacturers both domestically and internationally.


Our company had to meet challenges such as designing a product catalog with an extensive category tree, implementing intuitive filters and tags, supporting multiple payment methods, offering installment purchases, and implementing a loyalty program.



To address the challenges, we conducted a thorough analysis and planning, then designed a user-friendly interface tailored to the wide range of products in the store.

We created an extensive menu with categorized divisions and intuitive filtering. We integrated various payment systems, introduced a loyalty program that rewards points for orders, and optimized performance. We developed a professional and efficient online store for KupMeble, providing an excellent shopping experience.


  • Figma

  • JavaScript

  • PHP 7.3

  • HTML / CSS

  • Laravel

  • Vue

  • Bootstrap

  • Sass

Kup Meble


Interactive visualizations of collections.

On the main page of the KupMeble store, there are photos of room arrangements with marked products using tags. Thanks to this solution, users can easily connect furniture collections based on ready visualizations. By clicking on the tag, the customer is taken to the relevant product page, where they can see detailed information and make a purchase of the furniture visible in the photo. This allows customers to better understand which furniture fits into a specific interior and facilitates making appropriate design choices.

Kup meble
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Intuitive navigation with a dropdown menu.

Our solution includes a fixed menu bar that allows users easy access to the main product catalogs. Hovering over a selected catalog reveals a dynamic expansion with subcategories, enabling more precise filtering of search results. Users have the option to choose the level of detail they want to filter the results, ensuring effective and focused searching for the desired product. Our solution provides professional and intuitive navigational tools that facilitate users' exploration and finding the right products in the store.


Clear category sorting using visual tiles.

Sorting on the main category subpages is done through clear tiles that include a visualization of the respective category and its label. This allows users to easily and quickly identify the category of interest based on the graphical representation.

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