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Realme is a relatively new player in the technology market, focusing on IoT and smartphones. In 2020, it was recognized as the fastest-growing brand.

Realme achieved 50 million smartphone sales, according to Counterpoint for Q3 2020. Realme's ambition is to set trends and provide young people with products that guarantee unforgettable experiences.


The client approached us with a request to create a new online store for individual customers and a B2B system for internal sales among their partners and distributors of the Realme brand in Poland. The goal was to create a modern yet easy-to-navigate online store.

Online Store
E-commerce System


The project team was tasked with creating the first prototype of the store for a test campaign among Realme partners.

Subsequently, a new graphic design was developed in collaboration with Realme Global. The project was successfully created and launched ahead of schedule, allowing for the introduction of additional sales modules according to the initial plan.


  • Figma

  • HTML / CSS

  • JavaScript

  • PHP 7.0

  • Vue.JS

  • PWA



The Realme online store was developed based on the proprietary MoonShop system.

At the client's request, we created a module allowing users to submit product reviews. Our proprietary system enables the customization of online store modules and functionalities to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Process Elements:

  • Industry analysis

  • Workshops with the client

  • Analysis and construction of the store structure

  • Interactive UX/UI mockups

  • Store implementation based on mockups

  • MoonShop system implementation

  • Implementation of dedicated solutions

  • Production launch

  • Ongoing technical and graphic support



The priority was to tailor the technology to the client's vision, creating a unique quality along with an individual graphic design that meets all visual and functional requirements.

Process Elements:

  • Temporary promotion modules

  • Product of the day promotion

  • Dedicated product card

  • Customized ordering process

  • Integration with suppliers



In collaboration with the marketing department of, we focused on omnichannel strategy. This concept is closely related to building a comprehensive brand image.

Communication on every channel used was subordinated to the Design System and product offer. Whether the customer came across in their email inbox, got interested through a social media post, or encountered a Google Ads advertisement - the graphic style and the product offer at every level and touchpoint with the customer maintained visual and offer consistency.

Mistero Tools


We based the design system on the previously developed brand, refining it and adapting it to the trends in the Polish market.

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