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Sol-Millennium Medical Group is a global healthcare company.

Sol-Millennium Medical Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for individuals, patients, and clinicians. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of needles and syringes.


The main challenges in creating the Sol-Millennium Medical Group platform

  • A comprehensive product catalog requiring clear presentation.
  • The need to ensure product visibility based on region.
  • The necessity of creating an intuitive product management interface.
  • Implementing a quotation request functionality.
  • Designing a professional, engaging user interface.
Web development
Product catalog
CMS System


Effective approaches to addressing challenges in Sol-Millennium Medical Group

  • We have created a hierarchical structure of product categories and subcategories, enabling easy navigation for users.
  • We have implemented geolocation algorithms to assign products to appropriate regions and control their visibility.
  • We have designed intuitive tools for product management, facilitating easy addition and editing of products.
  • We have developed a clear and comprehensive request for quotation form that gathers relevant information and facilitates users in submitting inquiries quickly.
  • Additionally, we have utilized aesthetic graphics and interactive elements to create an attractive user interface that professionally showcases the company and its offerings.


  • Figma

  • JavaScript

  • PHP 8.2

  • HTML / CSS

  • Laravel

  • Vue

  • Bootstrap

  • NUXT 3

  • Sass

  • Tailwind

  • Quasar

  • Pinia


Global CMS System

The CMS system for SolM has been designed to enable content management at multiple levels, catering to diverse needs and conditions present in various countries or regions. Each area has its own "micro CMS system," allowing for individual configuration and customization to meet local requirements. Each micro CMS system is configured to support different languages, employee teams, and specific products and services offered by SolM within that area.

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Request for Quotation Form

We have provided a convenient request for quotation tool that enables quick and effective submission of inquiries for Sol-M company products. With this functionality, you can easily browse the catalogue, add products to your inquiry, and subsequently receive a personalized quotation tailored to your needs.

1. Selecting products for a quotation request from the product list.

Choose products for inquiry from the product card listing.

2. Managing selected products.

Manage products in the cart before finalizing the inquiry.

3. Fill out and submit the form.

Send the inquiry after completing the short form.


Product Card

The product card has been designed in a clear manner to enable users to quickly grasp the fundamental information about a specific product. It includes a brief description of the product, outlining its key features and benefits, which will assist users in making the right choice among other products visible in the product list.

Product Page

The product page provides comprehensive information about a particular product, featuring a slider with images, description, a table of associated products, and a module with compatible products. This allows users to view the product from various perspectives, familiarize themselves with its features and specifications, and quickly add it to their request for quotation.

Displaying Global Time Zone

On the contact page of the Sol-M website, we implemented a dynamic clock and calendar feature, displaying the current time and date for each of the company's locations.

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