Mistero Milano

Mistero Milano

Mistero Milano is an expert in the beauty industry, who has been offering manicure products for over 9 years. The brand's offer addressed to professionals, can be found in some European countries, including Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Iran.

The Mistero Milano online store was created based on the proprietary MoonShop system, which allows to easily add selected modules. At the client's request, we have developed a module that gives users the opportunity to post product reviews.

Our proprietary system allows adapting the modules and functionalities of the online store to the individual needs of each client.

Mistero Milano Mistero Milano Mistero Milano Mistero Milano Mistero Milano

Our collaboration with Mistero Milano started with a UX audit, which purpose was to analyze the usability of the brand's online store. Therefore, based on the results of the report, we have developed a new look for the site.

When designing the online store design, we paid special attention to choosing the right graphics that appealingly present the brand's products. To maintain the integrity of the site, we have created a unique 404 error page design and adapted icons to the overall style of the store.

Integration with Instagram allowed direct sharing in the online store of posts published on a social network. The home page also presents examples of manicure along with products used, which allows users to find the right nail polish and other articles more easily and quickly.

Mistero Milano Mistero Milano


For the convenience of users on the extended product card, in addition to a detailed description and visual presentation, we also added a mobile banner containing the most important information regarding, among others price, delivery time and cost, which allows customers to add a product to the cart without the need to return to the top of the page.

Mistero Milano Mistero Milano Mistero Milano
Mistero Milano Mistero Milano
Mistero Milano
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