The Molendini store, specializing in cold-pressed oils, is run by true enthusiasts. In addition to the oils, the online store offer also includes related products, such as seeds, seeds, and natural flours. All Molendini products are natural and ecological, making them a perfect complement to a healthy diet.

Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini Molendini

The first stage of cooperation was a total rebranding of the company. Once named Olimp an oil mill received a new name - Molendini. As part of the rebranding, full visual identification has been designed, including product labels. To emphasize the naturalness of the brand's products, the logo and general graphic design of the site contain botanical elements, which are also present on the labels of products, kept in dark colors.

Based on the new image of the brand, an online store has been created. The design of the store, preserved in a minimalist elegant style, presents products in an attractive way and allows customers to use the store intuitively. Advanced search helps users to find the right products in a few seconds.

Molendini Molendini

As part of the cooperation, we have also developed a new marketing strategy that we have helped to implement. Marketing efforts aimed at popularizing a healthy lifestyle and consumption of natural products were conducted in social media and through the brand's blog.

Molendini Molendini Molendini

The Molendini store was created based on our own MoonShop system, which thanks to the availability of a large number of modules makes it easier to manage the online store and allows for customization of the store to the needs of its customers. The original system provides a maximally simple way to add new product and module categories, enabling the structure and store processes to be adjusted in accordance with its growth.

Molendini Molendini

The integration of the e-commerce system with the processes in the company allows for the faster execution of orders, thanks to which customers can receive freshly pressed oils and other products in a very short time.

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